There are a number of accessories that can be incorporated into a Louvre Roof

  • Sun and Rain Sensors (Louvre Roof)

    Sun and rain sensors are programmed to automatically open or close the louvres, taking away the worry of not being there to do it yourself if you are away from home. 

  • Wind Sensors (Drop Down awnings)

    In windy conditions, wind sensors are designed to save awnings from wind damage. The automated sensors retract the drop-down awning and like the sun and rain sensor is a great backup if you are away from home.

  • LED lighting

    LED strip lighting is neatly integrated into the louvre roof support beams and enhances your outdoor living space. Lights can be operated via the same remote control that open and shut the louvre roof and drop-down screens if fitted.

  • Infrared heaters

    Infrared heaters can be installed to create immediate warmth and comfort in your outdoor living space.
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