Drop Down Blinds

Dropdown blinds are an integral part of a Louvre roof system.

They provide:

  •            Privacy from neighbours
  •            Windbreak
  •            Shade from low or direct sun

The best thing with drop-down blinds is that they are integrated into the frame and legs of the louvre roof system so they don’t interfere with the overall good look of your louvre roof.

Solar view fabrics are used and come in an array of colours to match any décor. The semi-transparent fabric keeps your view clear and lets light in whilst protecting you from the worst of the wind and sun. 

Sidetracks are encapsulated into the louvre roof legs and guide the screen edges and also protect the screen from wind damage and tearing within the track. Dropdown blinds, like the louvre roof, are automated and are programmed into the same remote as the louvre roof so you only have one remote to worry about.

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