Louvre Roof

Bringing the outdoors indoors….


Our Louvre system is custom made to suit each individual’s needs and is designed and manufactured in New Zealand with New Zealand weather conditions in mind.

The Louvre blades are automated to open and close by the push of a single button on a handheld remote. The pivoting blades are set at the perfect angle to ensure just the right amount of light and ventilation is let in to create the perfect environment. When the roof is closed the blades fit to perfection to form a totally flat, weather proof roof.

Our Louvre systems can be powder coated in any colour available in the Dulux Powder Coating range and clients can even have a two-toned colour theme to match aluminium joinery and exterior cladding colours.

Our Louvre system comes in 4 different systems; wall fixed, free standing, soffit fixed and integrated. Set for release in August/September 2021 we have a fully retractable (pull back) roof system becoming available.

Six Key Features for you to choose our Louvre system:

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